Camel Milk

Natural product with unique nutritional properties and medicinal effect, contains large amounts of essential nutrients: it is nourishing and anti-aging skin proteins, vitamins C, A, B1, B2 and B12, natural carotene, various minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus , sulfur). It includes a number of immunoglobulins (antibodies) compatible with human antibodies. Middle Easterners have long been successfully used camel milk to deal with skin diseases. Natural combination of all these and many other natural biologically active ingredients helps to relieve inflammation and itching, reduce the proliferative activity of the affected epidermis, softening and rejection of psoriatic plaques.

Camel milk has antibacterial properties that inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Natural antibiotics and other substances contained in it, cause a high efficiency in the fight against seborrhea, dermatitis, psoriasis. Preparations based on camel milk are effective in reducing itching, struggling with peeling skin and plaques, has a great calming effect. Research by Israeli scientists discovered healing properties of camel milk in allergic reactions, as well as the ability to set it to restore the immune system. Tools based on camel milk sold successfully in Europe and in the United States and help thousands of people struggle with skin diseases.