71 plants extract

Extracts of the 71st plants have a powerful, mutually reinforcing comprehensive medical and preventive effect on the scalp, strengthens the hair and prevent hair loss. This is a unique, meticulously hand-picked by leading Israeli experts composition of plant extracts, many of which grow only in the deserts of the Holy Land and bloom at certain times of the year.

Is 100% from natural plant materials.

These medicinal plants are widely used in folk and traditional medicine. The complex of extracts has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, healing properties. It is effective in the treatment of a wide variety of skin diseases, inflammations and lesions of the skin, to reduce the itching and irritation, for general strengthening, nutrition, sanitation and cleaning of the skin and hair. It has strong antioxidant, toning and refreshing, a powerful tonic effect, improves the immune system, stimulates the metabolism.

This complex extracts contained considerable amounts of trace elements, organic acids, vitamins and other essential substances. Due to the interaction of the unique synergy extracts complex is more effective than each alone. The use of extracts of 71 plants of normalizes the sebaceous glands, promotes tissue regeneration, stimulates blood circulation and improves the tone of the tissues.