Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin and skin prone to allergic reactions, these are two completely different types, and they should not be putat. Sensitive skin has an increased blood circulation and low wettability, also has a low threshold for protection under the aggressive factors. Much more stimuli exists in the skin sensitive than the skin prone to allergies. Sensitive skin can get a person from birth, but can occur throughout life, due to the impact of various negative factors (bad habits, stress, poor diet, etc.) Sensitive skin should not be perceived as uncomfortable ailment - it's just a very serious disease, which can lead to negative consequences.

Do you want to determine whether you have Sensitive Skin? Walk a little test:

  • Whether skin turns red after washing with shampoo or without;

  • Redness lasts from a few hours to a week;

  • Irritation may occur at the change in the climate (cold, heat);

  • After upotrbleniya alcohol and certain foods also irritations;

  • The same symptoms after stress;

  • This can be repeated several times a month.

If you answered yes to two or more points, you should think and possibly to begin treatment.