Damaged hair

Fragility is expressed in hair breakage by bending, cutting or scratching the touch, as well as if they are easily torn when pulling.

Each hair is inside of the cortical substance: the pulp, which is composed of long fibers of keratin. Healthy hair shine is always as flakes, from which it is closely adjacent to each other and thereby forming a surface that reflects light well. Damaged hair is not the same shine as it scales raised and behind each other. The cuticle retains moisture and protein in hair, and if damaged cortex of the hair inside the destroyed thereby disrupting the structure of hair.

Most often due to hypofunction of the sebaceous glands of the hair is very dry and do not have the normal shine and slipperiness. Very rarely, the disease is observed in normal greasiness. Usually this affects women. Usually affects not all of the hair, but only part, the rest is not so fragile and remain healthy.