Split ends

Split ends, are more common in women, and almost always in the long hair of the scalp, interestingly, split ends and also appear in men, particularly in the beard. Split ends (trihoptilozom) affects people with dry hair. Trichoptilosis (split ends) arise in various skin lesions of the scalp, in violation of the sebum and other diseases affecting the skin, as well as in nerpavilnom care, which causes excessive degreasing (substandard care products, shampoo properly matched, over-drying, frequent washing, etc.) When trichoptilosis (split ends), hair is very dry, dull and not slippery, as there is hypofunction of the sebaceous glands.

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Most affected not all the hair, only some of which surround the normal hair. The tips of the hair more often split into two, and sometimes three or even more parts, presenting a brush.

Trichoptilosis can appear not only in the rod grown hair, but also at the root of the bulbs in parallel with astrophysics, often splitting hairs contribute to mechanical causes, such as such as acute or too rigid comb comb. Tools Rena Rosh help solve the problem of split ends of hair, Oil Complex is one of the most effective tools.