Dry dandruff

The appearance of dry dandruff - the first signal that the body is in a problem. Dry dandruff is quite a common problem. It can appear at all. Both women and men and even children.

How did it arise? Just like the skin on the body, the skin on the head is constantly updated, but if to exfoliate old skin cells on the face and body, we use washcloths and scrubs to exfoliate, the dead cells of the skin on the head will not come on. Gradually, they begin to adhere to each other and form flocs dandruff. So because of dry dandruff can worsen the condition of hair and they nachinut fall. In addition, this dandruff is accompanied by severe itching.

Most people mistakenly believe that from this very easy to get rid of dandruff, because almost any pharmacy and kosmitecheskom shop you can buy any treatment for any kind of dandruff. But in reality things are not so simple, and before you start treatment you need to know the exact cause of dandruff.

The main reason may be a lot of stress or prolonged depression, for good reason, most of all, this disease is common among office workers, because their work involves constant stress. Another very common cause is poor diet or alcohol abuse. Just a lack of trace elements and vitamins, smoking, abuse of bakery and metabolic disorders can cause the appearance of dry dandruff.