Dry hair

Most often, the hair becomes dry as a result of improper care, such as the use of low-quality shampoos containing active substances perebyvanie long in the sun without a hat or a permanent solarium, and a lack of vitamins, poor diet and metabolic disease. Just dry hair type can be given to man by birth and not be associated with a very active sebaceous glands.

In dry hair has its advantages, they polluted much slower fatty, but after washing may occur far more problems such as dull and faded look, dandruff, itching and hair loss. In this case, it is important to find the right care shampoo. Often in this situation, dry hair holders prefer baby cosmetics containing no harmful chemicals.

Dry hair is very sensitive to mechanical damage, even if the use comb tougher than usual, as soon as the hair will start to split ends and will flake. Just dry hair react to climate change, poor-quality cosmetics and regular use of styling products.

Therefore, if you notice signs of dryness of hair, is to approach the problem comprehensively.